Bud Sugar


1 part ukulele, 1 part drum machine, cross it with an acoustic up funk, add powerful Codhead vocals, infuse it with a uk rap edge and garnish with a touch of electronic noises and you have a description of the Bud Sugar sound, but it's hearing that will get you craving the summery, high octane vibes that they incant! Socially conscious lyrics with a sense of humour that meld seamlessly with insanely catchy hooks and melodies. Bax, Live LANs, Stan, Dyl and Reason are agents of excitement! Bouncing, spinning and dancing, adorned in brightly coloured garments and Vibe painted faces. Songwriters, film makers, and vloggers. Playing throughout the UK, a few European gigs and even a some state side shows supporting the likes of OPM, Syd Arthur, British Sea Power, The Beat, McKenzie James and Toploader, Featured on BBC Introducing website, Fred Perry Subculture Blogs '20 Hull bands You Need To Hear Now' and on Tom Robinsons "Fresh on the Net" playlist. A social media might that is without a doubt a must see extravaganza of dizzying talent and endless creativity!

Now is the time to ‘Get Familiar’ with Bud Sugar’s unique refreshing mix of indie, reggae, hip hop and uke vibes. It’s catchy, happy and it will make you feel good whilst it relays its message. Their EP ‘VIBE’ is out now, and their very creative videos are also worth a watch.
~FredPerry Subculture

Made up of Bacary Bax, STAN, Dyl, Live Lans and Reason, these are a bunch of skilful musicians with a feel for a groove and brutal honesty.
~The Music Manual