Formed in the wintery beginnings of 2016, Hull’s Lumer forged their cryptic post-punk sound playing high octane shows throughout the city, adding a synth to their sound at the turn of autumn and the band are making their mark across other cities.

This 4-piece set of troubadours are channeling their inner 90’s alt rock to great success, creating their own brand of raw post-punk material that is both exciting to the eyes and pleasing to the ears. These lads are amongst a great crop of talented individuals, crafting something special with alternative music out of Hull right now.

With a new single that landed on the 16th December, fresh out of Warren Records titled Futile, this song is anything but the definition of Futile “incapable of producing any useful result; pointless.” Infact, it is quite the opposite. The results are gritty and catchy with a raw energy that makes us want to get up and stand for something.