The Dyr Sister


Sally Currie AKA The Dyr Sister (pronounced deer, it’s Old Norse) is a multi-instrumental cervine beat mistress who conjures up surreal tales with the aid of a viola, mandolin, voice and an array of found samples.

Performing her catalogue of haunting, ethereal, modern day folk songs as a one-woman band she paints a fascinating canvas of sound. These original and innovative pieces are influenced by a wide range of genres from jungle and dubstep through trip hop and hip hop ending somewhere deep amongst the many varieties of traditional folk music from around the world. Expect an enchanting performances from this most unique of musical artists.

“Quirky, and quite fantastic. The Dyr Sister crafts perfectly formed folk-infused alternative pop.”

Dom Smith - Soundsphere Magazine.

“The Dyr Sister sounds like some wonderful collaboration between Thom Yorke and Shirley Collins”. – Fred Perry Subculture

Photograph courtesy of Patrick Naughton-Doe