Sat 29th Sep 2018 // 19:00

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The Albemarle Music Centre

The Albemarle Music Centre

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Sat 29th September

From 19:00:00

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Fans of the mighty Spooky Men’s Chorale have a bit of a problem. This melodic, man-choir venture forth from their stronghold in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales only every two years or so, leaving their legion of loyal followers to kick their heels for a couple of years before the next invasion. That is until now. The Spooks have been steadily recruiting UK-based singers since 2007. Now there are six and this small band of Spooky brothers are keeping the flag flying until the full might of the Chorale return to these shores.

A Fistful of Spookies are made up of professional singers and choir-leaders from across the UK who have all toured with the Spookies and have enough voices to recreate the complete Spooky canon of achingly beautiful and wonderfully daft songs.

For newcomers to the Spooky phenomenon, they have redefined the whole notion of male singing, from anthems extolling the virtues of power tools and the joys of doing nothing (at all) to ancient Icelandic hymns and Georgian work songs as well as award-winning covers of Abba & Bowie, sensational stylings of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen & The Beach Boys and their defiant assertion that they are definitely not a men’s group.

Tickets - £12 or £10 unwaged

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