Britain on Film: LGBT

Tue 25th Jul 2017 // 13:00

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Britain on Film: LGBT

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Tue 25th July

From 13:00

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Various Directors | UK | 1909-1994 | 84 mins | Cert PG | English language

Britain’s LGBT history is the inspiring subject of BRITAIN ON FILM: LGBT. With films spanning 1909 to 1994, it documents a century in which homosexuality went from crime to Pride, via decades of profoundly courageous activism, and the shifting attitudes to LGBT people and their rights across the board throughout a time of explosive social change.

Including some of the earliest known representations of LGBT people on screen, the collection includes a 1925 film on ‘Cutie Cattaro’, a boxer more interested in flirting than fighting and a drag queen, ‘Percy’ competing for a prize in 1909. Exploring the struggles and identity politics of the ‘80s and ‘90s, the films cover early AIDS victims recounting their painful experiences; the formation of the Gay Black Group, an early instance of intersectional thinking; and the 1980 fight for transgender rights in the European Court.

It’s a moving and fascinating collection, a social document encompassing both the collective public fight for basic rights and equality and more personal, intimate and psychological ones: the shedding of shame and the ability to be open about one’s most private self; the claiming of the right to love and to say publicly, proudly: this is who I am.

Films include:
Battling Bruisers: Some Boxing Buffoonery (1925)
This Week: Homosexuals (1964) & This Week: Lesbians (1965)
Hints and Hobbies No.11 (1926)
Gays: Speaking Up (1978)
David is Homosexual (1978)
Gay Life (1980)
How Percy Won the Beauty Competition (1909)
AIDS: The Victims (1985)
Gay Black Group (1983)
What Am I? (1980)
Miss Norah Blaney (1932)
Age of Dissent (1994

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Tickets are unreserved seating - seat choice is first come, first served, upon doors opening.

Doors to the screening room will open around 10-15 minutes before the performance starts.

1:00pm: Introductions, trailer reel (10-15 mins), main feature BRITAIN ON FILM: LGBT

PLEASE NOTE: This film contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy

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