I Am Not a Witch

Hull Independent Cinema

Thu 23rd Nov 2017 // 19:30 - 21:35

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I Am Not a Witch

Age Restrictions: 15 (TBC)


Vue Cinema Hull

Vue Cinema Hull (unreserved seating)

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Thu 23rd November

19:30 - 21:35

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Hull Independent Cinema presents: I Am Not a Witch

Rungano Nyoni | 2017 | UK/France | Cert 15 TBC | 98 mins

After a minor incident in her village, nine-year-old Shula is exiled to a travelling witch camp where she is told that if she tries to escape she will be transformed into a white goat. As she navigates through her new life, she must decide whether to accept her fate or risk the consequences of seeking freedom.

Set in Zambia, the birthplace of writer-director Rungano Nyoni, I AM NOT A WITCH revolves around a 9 year old girl, Shula, who is accused of witchcraft. Shula is the first child to be taken to a travelling witch camp, where she is tethered to a spool with a ribbon. She is told that should she cut the ribbon and attempt to escape, she will be cursed and transformed into a goat. Over time Shula begins to long for freedom. Forced to decide whether to accept her fate as a witch, Shula ignites a rebellion within the camp. I AM NOT A WITCH stars newcomer Maggie Mulubwa, and is the first feature film from Nyoni, whose short films have earned her multiple awards and a BAFTA nomination.

Starring Gloria Huwiler, Chileshe Kalimamukwento, Travers Merrill

Cannes Film Festival 2017 – Nominated Golden Camera

“A fiercely original satire full of social comment, deadpan laughs and striking images.” – Jamie Graham, Total Film

“A winningly original and stylistically fresh debut feature…the birth of a significant new screen voice.” – Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

I AM NOT A WITCH is expected to be rated 15. Visit the BBFC website for full details (may include plot spoilers)

Programme details

Tickets are unreserved seating - seat choice is first come, first served, upon doors opening.

Doors to the screening room will open around 10-15 minutes before the performance starts.

7:30pm: Introductions, trailer reel and short film (10-15 mins). Main feature,I Am Not a Witch

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