Richard Strange (of the Doctors of Madness)

Wed 22nd Nov 2017 // 20:00 - 23:00

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Richard Strange (of the Doctors of Madness)

Age Restrictions: All ages


Kardomah 94

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Event Dates

Wed 22nd November

20:00 - 23:00

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The unique Richard Strange - Writer, musician, composer, nightclub host, curator, actor and adventurer - performs an extraordinary show.

Since his proto-punk rock band The Doctors of Madness

“The missing link between David Bowie and The Sex Pistol.”

(The Guardian May 2017) was first unleashed on an uncomprehending public in 1975 (the band was supported by the Sex Pistols, The Jam and Joy Division) he has been a Zelig-like figure whose presence has been felt in every corner of London's cultural life.

Now comes his solo show 'An Accent Waiting To Happen'.

Internationally renowned and currently in Japan, Richard is looking forward to performing
in Hull for the first time during Hull's year as Capital of Culture.

Supported by Rich and Lou’s Loudhailer.

Expect a hi-energy acoustic set from Loudhailer Electric Company’s Rich and Lou – songs of road trips, movies and Sci-Fi.

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