​Apply to play Humber Street Sesh 2017

20th January 2017 // Live Music // Festivals

It’s that time of year again! Humber Street Sesh date has been confirmed, hosting it’s one day festival on Hull’s Marina on Saturday 5th August 2017, and if you’re a solo artist or in a band that play original music, you can apply to play now!

Now into its sixth year, Humber Street Sesh Festival caters for over one hundred and eighty local and national original artists, with an expected footfall of 32,000 people attending on the day, it’s a fantastic opportunity to play to a new audience, and with Hull’s City of Culture status adding to our excitement, we’re expecting another amazing day out!

Artist Liaison Daniel Mawer co-programmes the majority of the festival with festival director Mark Page, he offered a few words of advice to musicians applying to play this year’s event.

‘Please provide a good quality image, a succinct biography as well as appropriate links to your music. When writing your biography, you don’t need to give us a long history of how you all met, your favourite movies and what your favourite fruit is (strawberries if you’re asking), just a short piece that references what you sound like, who your influences are and what achievements you’ve had would be great!

Music videos really help us get a good idea of who you are, so please remember to include yours if you have a specific video you’re proud of.

Regarding live footage, please consider whether your mum’s shaky camera phone footage on YouTube best shows off your performance, if you don’t have a live video you’re really proud of, don’t worry! It’s better to leave that section blank and let your recordings do the talking.

If your application is successful we will be in touch during the month of February. Best of luck!’

Follow the link below to find the application form, you have until February 3rd to apply, with the line-up due to be announced in April!


‘The Sesh’ is a free entry music night and the catalyst for the festival.

The original music night hosted each week at The Polar Bear is integral to the programming of the festival, with eighty percent of the bands and artists chosen to play Humber Street Sesh after they’ve performed at the weekly night.

But with the festival offering an application form for the second year running, festival programmers Mark page and Daniel Mawer are hoping to refresh the line-up with a selection of new artists.

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