From Texas to Hull.. Life return for their biggest hometown show yet at The Welly Club

27th March 2017 // Live Music

In January last year the first [POP] PARTY took place, hosted by LIFE and the then fresh on the scene PLURAL PROMOTIONS, a company ran by a cool gang who wanted to host mega slick parties. Against the odds 3 unsigned bands sold out Fruit with ease. Proof that you can be DIY and still smash the face of the corporate machine. Proof that kids want to hear something real, something genuine. This was not just a gig, but a neon-freak family bash. The crowd and bands were one. ALIVE and heaving, believing in their city.

We want to call on our LED brothers and sisters, because [POP] PARTY 2 is about to explode all up in THE WELLY CLUB. That’s right, this is on a whole new level. Tickets are on sale here.

BBC 6 Music Playlisted and Radio 1 renegades LIFE just got back from Texas after smashing a couple of shows for SXSW like cowboys on cactus juice. Their debut album POPULAR MUSIC is ready to pre-order on ltd edition yellow vinyl and new single IN YOUR HANDS can be streamed on multiple platforms right into your eye holes. With a European and UK tour with SLAVES under their belt, recent features in NME and the Guardian, LIFE are a force of realness.

PHOBOPHOBES hailing from London are tour mates with LIFE as they both hit up venues across the UK for Independent Venue Week last year. After becoming chums, PHOBOPHOBES are now bringing their sound to Hull. Their latest sonic soother THE NEVER NEVER is sexy as hell getting plays on BBC 6Music alongside features in SO YOUNG MAGAZINE. These guys are the crème de le crème of London goodness.

LUMER return to the [POP] PARTY stage after smashing it the first time around with their raw and angst energy. Not only did they help pack out the venue with college kids ready to get wild, they let loose on stage solidifying themselves a firm position in Hull’s music scene and beyond. Just after destroying their first out of town tour, LUMER will return to [POP] PARTY for their final date. Check out their latest single FUTILE. It bangs.

CHIEDU ORAKA is an absolute G. CHIEDU is putting Hull rap on the map with his boys from LOCKDOWN, repping HU6 and none of that HU5 gentrification, none of that commercialisation or five pound pints in them trendy bars. CHIEDU tore up the rule book of what it is to be an artist in Hull. In a scene dominated by guitars, CHIEDU spits fire over sick beats. His mixtape NOT YOUR AVERAGE SPITTING 1.5 and new single FLEX show an artist ready to smash London to pieces, because the north is ready to represent.

SERIAL CHILLER are a slacker punk two-piece, without the two-piece noise. Instead they cut garage tunes from the cloth of stoners. But they aren’t on that hippy trip, they’re pissed off with the normcore lifestyles most of us lead. New track EGO tackles the Kanye like personalities you find in local scenes. It also hits hard. CHILLER are another new edition to the [POP] family, ready to give it to ya.

[POP] PARTY 2, held in the main room of WELLY is gonna be luminous. Get your neon and your acid smile and watch your LIFE flash before your eyes.

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