Horror, mystery and sister doom: the world of Chambers

23rd May 2017 // Live Music // Local

Meet Chambers, a noisy two-piece based out of Hull and Leeds packed to the brim with thunderous drums, driving guitar and a taste for horror and mystery. Or in their own words: SISTER DOOM.

The band have been touring hard and making waves across the north over the last twelve months, including a set at The Sesh before Christmas. Now they’ve been rewarded with one of their highest profile gigs to date, at the Radio 1 Academy in Hull on Thursday. The Fisheye decided to catch up with drummer, Eleanor Churchill, ahead of the big gig.

Could you give us a brief history of Chambers?

Chambers started out as a little idea in my head around three years ago. Me and Aeris (guitar and vocals) were both in a five-piece girl band at the time and we decided to leave and form a two-piece.

To be honest, I find it amazing how much we’ve achieved in the space of a year. Being offered a spot on the Radio 1 Academy on 25 May, as well as being signed earlier last year, has just been amazing. We’ve been playing headline shows all over the country and we’re looking forward to a European tour in October too, which will be brill.

I think it’s fair to say we have helped each other improve in confidence as musicians too and it’s been amazing to see everything we have done so far develop into what it has become.

What do you mean by “sister doom”?

Sister doom is a way of describing who we are as Chambers. It sort of came about when we were working out what type of music we played. We’re not a band who are overly keen on genres as such, it doesn’t matter where you fit as long as you like what you do.

We like to pigeonhole Sister Doom as that’s the feeling and mood we share as a band. Sister Doom is something which carries a feminine vibe through our relationship which is very sister-like, but the doom part relates to the heavy and raw energy of the music. Together it’s sister doom, shared energy and relationship through music.

Where does your love of horror and mystery come from?

I think we both like things that are dark but beautiful at the same time. The art I’m into is quite similar. For me I like horror and mystery because it’s like a form of escapism from the real world, because it’s not real. I don’t like blood and gore, I find that a bit boring actually.

It’s stuff that makes you jump and the anticipation that's interesting, stuff that leaves you guessing and leaving you wanting more. I'm not sure where exactly that comes from, it's an addictive feeling and I like that.

It’s something we both enjoy and the creepiness that comes with it.

What does playing the R1 Academy mean for the band?

It really does mean a lot to us. I think having the chance to play to a younger audience is great also. We have a lot of younger fans who don’t always have the opportunity to see us play.

We’ve heard a lot of great things about Phil Taggart and Alan Raw/BBC Humberside have always been so incredibly supportive towards us. We’re so grateful to have been put forward for it.

You’re also playing at All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, a new piece of gig theatre at Welly for Hull 2017: how did you feel to be asked to support the show?

It’s something that’s very new and exciting for us and it’s really fantastic to be a part of it. Middle Child are really pushing the boundaries as to what you expect from a theatre experience.

Considering we’re a fairly new band in Hull, it’s amazing that we get to be part of something which is trying to touch on something new in an innovative way. Gig theatre just sounds masses of fun as it is and I think it will help a lot of people see theatre in a new light.

I think young people in particular will be able to connect well with the story, but as well as this, it’s a diverse piece of theatre that will appeal to anyone interested in live music and top quality theatre.

What else is in store for Chambers for the rest of 2017?

Oooooh really want to spill the beans but I can’t right now. We can say we’re looking forward to our tour in Europe in October as well as playing a bunch of festivals and headline shows across the UK. We're releasing a new single called Down the Rabbit Hole next month too.

We have some really exciting news to announce very soon though! We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Chambers are performing at the Radio 1 Academy at the Albermarle on Thursday 25 May; Middle Child’s All We Ever Wanted Was Everything at Welly on Wednesday 14 June and Humber Street Sesh on Saturday 5 August. Visit Chambers’ website for all tour dates.