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21st January 2017 // Music // Local

Kev La Kat runs Love Our Records, and takes you through the highlight of releases that came out of Hull, and a look at what fantastic and sometimes unknown talent we have in the city and its surrounding areas.

I set up Love Our Records ( in 2011. Initially, it was to release only my own music under different aliases. Around the beginning of 2012, BBC Radio 1 came to town and my friends and fellow musicians Endoflevelbaddie and Player One were asked to do a live show on Zane Lowe's show. I asked if we could sync up a single to go out at the same time as the show on Love Our Records. They were up for it, so the Love Our Records family was born and soon after, really started to grow.

We started to release for local artists I knew of and respected, like much loved Bitmap, who used to be part of a band called Salako (old label mates with Belle & Sebastian)

Another was a friend of mine named Drartz, who made banging house in the vein of Boys Noize and Proxy.

Then came a singer and songwriter from Hornsea called Tom Skelly, who I first heard on Radio Humberside's Introducing show and I was blown away by his voice and the depth of his lyrics.

They were closely followed by Yannick (ex band of singer Tom Rabin, who still releases with the label) and the beautiful melodies of Cool Fun, which had super talented Sarah Johns (also one half of local legendary outfit Mr Beasley) singing alongside Max Jung's stunning productions.

Check out the award winning video from Cool Fun's House. You can download the track and remix from myself here:

And so we continued; skip forward to the present and we have now released music for over 30 artists, worldwide.

Recently, I personally have been focused on developing a solo live looping set up, playing bass for Jack Conman ( live and producing his debut LP. I'm also producing for Player One's forthcoming LP, regularly participating in the Jam sessions of Hulls electronic and synth group Squarewaves ( and producing/remixing tracks daily, with artists worldwide. Basically, I'm musically obsessed and can't help myself getting involved with anything that pricks my ears up.

Check out my latest collaboration with Jack Conman entitled Borderline:


If you have ever witnessed Endoflevelbaddie live at Humber Street Sesh, then you will have witnessed the party starting phenomenon! After standing in the shade all summer, he is about to show his shiny face again. With a new arsonal of killer beats, the man in the mask, M.C, Player One and V.J, Eyesaw, have some upcoming shows, next up being their performance at The Welly Club, supporting the world's number one Daft Punk tribute act.

Get your tickets here:

Here is his latest production, I Make It:


Player One

Player One has been recording track after track, gathering beats from all over the world though his connections and new friends via Love Our Records.

A rapper, MC, Hype Man and Hip-Hop artist, call it what you want. Player One ticks all those boxes and then some. One of our highlights was being able to sample his Grandfather, Ebo Taylor's music and remix into a Hip Hop format. We made four tracks like this and called it 'Taylor Typical Ep' and then as if that wasn't enough, Ebo asked Player One to perform live in London on his classic 'Heaven'.

Check out Hype Man , which is another cut from his yet Untitled LP:



Ryan Smith might be known to you as the lead singer of BABIES, but he is back with a new solo project called BDRMM. After releasing his CRIKE EP under his new alias, he has received plays on BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing and generated some noise on underground indie blogs too. He is now gearing up for live shows at the Adelphi with our friend Tom Skelly & The Salty Beards.

Download his 'Everything' now:

Streaming Lights

3 guys from Hull making indie disco music, lead singer Steven has a great falsetto vocal and loves to play guitars like they were synthesisers.

Catchy basslines and countless fast paced disco beats make Streaming Lights best witnessed live. They have quite a knack for creating amusing videos too.

Streaming Lights will be playing live alongside Fighting Caravans and Vague at The Sesh, The Polar Bear. For more info click here


Luke Barwell is a one man power house of songs, laying down his own drums, guitars, bass, casio flavoured synths and divine vocals. Some of you might remember Salako (, Luke started off producing and playing in the band, which later became label mates with Snow Patrol and Belle & Sebastian.

After a long and successful career in Salako, he later decided to live on a farm and occasionally blesses the world with a new Bitmap song.

Gradient Echo

Love Our Records' newest member is also part of Squarewaves. After a great solo slot on BBC Introducing, gigs and some self releases, Michael Fox a.k.a Gradient Echo has refined his solo output with some minimalistic productions for his latest Bipolar EP. The EP has only two tracks, one named Introvert and the other Extrovert which both contrast and compliment each other.

Live Lans

Live Lans is a Member of Hull's social media masters Bud Sugar (, for me has always stood out from Bud Sugar's early days. He can hit his drum machine better than most drummers can play, he has fine rap skills and a knack for a hook. He always surprises with what music he has stacked up on his hard drives and you can never be sure what he'll deliver next.

After just releasing his Someday You'll Understand EP. We featured the main single 'With Us' which contains some heavy bass and honest, powerful lyrics. Check out the video below:


Fast-t ( aka Tim Yeomans is technically gifted with all things turntable based. His deep love for Hip-Hop and turntablism has taken him to the DMC finals, 9 times. Also known locally for his House habit, playing with all the big names over the years at Rewind.

It's been a little while since Fast-T has released any solo material, but his cuts keep popping up on my productions, check him out on Player One's Take It Back.

Domestic Dog

One half of The Evil Litter and former front man from Cerys Matthews' favourite, Mammal Hum. Domestic Dog ( has only graced us with a couple of tunes and some very rare live dates, but I suspect we might hear more from him soon.

We are all looking forward to 2017 at Love Our Records, we have releases stacked up, gigs, radio performances and loads of exciting things lined up. So stay tuned to our social media and hopefully we will see you at some shows.

Much love, Kev La Kat x

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